CNFIChinese National Federation of Industries
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Also, CNFI advised the government to negotiate with China to establish additional chapters in the written ECFA to regulate companies engaged in the segment for public procurements across the Taiwan Strait, and to expand tariff cuts on more goods imported from Taiwan, including steel, toys, paper products and so forth.
So, CNFI urged the authorities of the two sides to accelerate the pace of the talks; otherwise, Taiwan may lose its strength in the huge market in mainland China, as Japan and S.
Hsu says that CNFI members mainly come from the manufacturing sector and urgently need assistance from a specialized unit to help them set up distribution channels in China, especially when China has begun the 12th national five-year plan to build infrastructure and domestic demand.
Products made by CNFI members are popular in China and only integrated planning can help these members strengthen competitiveness in that huge market; while the CNFI has to set up an efficient service mechanism to help members upgrade and transform with changing trends, says Hsu.
An executive of the CNFI says it's not easy for Taiwanese firms to tap China's domestic market when most may lack talent and haven't yet established brands nor distribution channels, with the survey showing 21.
The postponement of the decommissioning of the fifth naphtha cracker is a major proposal included in the 2011 white paper of the CNFI.
The list is based on a survey of questionnaires carried out by CNFI, under the commission of the Industrial Development Bureau (IDB), the Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA), which pinpoints 37 sensitive items for the projected market opening, including ceramics, towel, and footwear, home appliances, PCB (printed circuit board), plywood, veneer board, and switch for gas burner .
The CNFI asked the government to cut the power rates to the levels seen before the two-phase hikes of the rates took place last July, to reflect the drop in global energy prices since then.
The CNFI also requested the government to cut the prices of industry-use fuel oil, which have remained high, despite drop in consumer-use oil prices, in reflection of declining global oil prices.