CNGVCCalifornia Natural Gas Vehicle Coalition
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According to CNGVC, CARB said it abandoned the tougher emissions standard because transit agencies that power their buses with compressed natural gas would lose state funding opportunities for new bus purchases if the original standard were left in place.
However, CNGVC said CARB staff failed to point out to the board that federal incentives cover more than 83 percent of the cost of new alternative fuel buses, "which so sharply reduces the cost of new buses for transit agencies that the state funding program isn't relevant.
Additionally, CNGVC notes that, contrary to what some in the media have alleged, the natural gas vehicle industry is not endorsing the third option.
In fact, NGVs reduce greenhouse emissions up to 30 percent over gasoline vehicles, exactly the amount of reduction called for by CARB," said CNGVC president Mike Eaves.
Ford's announcement left Mike Eaves, president of the CNGVC, again asking how the company could claim to be so committed to environmental guidelines and protection while deciding to abandon a proven alternative -- NGVs -- many of which already meet the more strict emissions standards such as the Super Ultra Low-Emission Vehicle (SULEV) standard set by the State of California or the Tier-2 Bin 2 standard set by the Environmental Protection Agency.
Natural gas is the cleanest burning alternative transportation fuel available today, and NGVs meet the most demanding emissions standards, making them an ideal technology to help California meet the new CARB regulations," said Mike Eaves, president of the CNGVC.