CNIACritical National Infrastructure Authority (Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates)
CNIACanadian Nursing Informatics Association
CNIACentro Nacional de Investigaciones Agropecuarias (Peru, Argentina, Colombia, Dominica, San Salvador)
CNIACentre Nacional d'Informatica d'Andorra (Catalan: National Computer Center of Andorra)
CNIACollectif National des Infirmières Anesthésistes
CNIAChia Nan Irrigation Association (Taiwan)
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He had earlier announced that CNIA in Lal-lo town in northern Cagayan has already cleared all hurdles required for its acquisition of a full aerodrome certificate from the Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines to begin operating commercial flights for the heavier A320 and B-737 aircraft.
Meanwhile, Lambino said a consortium of local and foreign firms has also submitted an unsolicited proposal for the development of CNIA into a state of the art logistics aviation hub and a one-stop aviation center.
Meanwhile, a consortium of locally registered and foreign-based firms has also submitted an unsolicited proposal for the development of CNIA into a state-of-the-art logistics aviation hub and a one-stop aviation center with interdependent revenue-generating assets to meet the demands of the aviation industry.
The association established CNIA in 1996 as a benefit to its membership, providing leading and pre-approved insurance products and services that are most appropriate for Colorado nonprofits.
CNIA Saada is listed on the Casablanca Stock Exchange and is the second largest non-life insurance provider in Morocco with a 16.
65% stake in CNIA SAADA Assurance ("CNIA SAADA"), Morocco's largest auto insurer.
We also have an investment in the insurance sector in Morocco, where we have invested in CNIA, the fourth-largest insurance company in the country.
The CNIA has the responsibility of handling the protection and security of the emirate's vital assets and infrastructure.
The CMI Diploma in First Line Management, designed for supervisors and first line managers who wish to build on and develop their existing management skills and knowledge, has been tailored to fit the requirements of CNIA.
Under the contract, CNIA personnel will be issued with new smart cards that may be used as biometric ID cards.
A dead whale, identified as Balaenoptera edeni, (Bryde's whale) was recovered by a combined team of Environment Agency- Abu Dhabi, EAD, and Critical National Infrastructure Authority, CNIA, personnel about four nautical miles west of the Umm Al Dalkh oil field on 16 April 2009.
Network administrators who achieve this CNIA distinction will have the proficiency required to easily locate, isolate, and resolve even the most complex networking problems.