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CNIBCanadian National Institute for the Blind
CNIBConfédération Nationale des Industries du Bois (French: National Confederation of Woodworking Industries)
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In its report, CNIB suggests a few simple precautions: Wearing safety goggles rather than safety glasses, including eye safety in lab safety training and wearing safety glasses that absorb radiation (primarily UV radiation).
In 2004, the CNIB completed a federally-funded report entitled "Circles of Light Project," which identified obstacles preventing Aboriginal people from accessing vision health services and gaps in services.
The main archive comprises a minute book for the library's annual meetings, as well as seven dedicated files located within the vast CNIB collection held at Library and Archives Canada (LAC).
The screening included about 50 CNIB people who travelled from Barrie, Parry Sound and Sudbury.
Abbreviations: ADL = activity of daily living, ADL SHS = Activities of Daily Living Self-Performance Hierarchy Scale, CAP = clinical assessment protocol, CDBA = Canadian Deafblind Association, CHESS = Changes in Health End-Stage Disease Signs and Symptoms, CNIB = Canadian National Institute for the Blind, DbS = Deafblind Supplement, DbSI = Deafblind Severity Index, DRS = Depression Rating Scale, IADL = instrumental ADL, interRAI CHA = interRAI Community Health Assessment, interRAI HC = interRAI Home Care, O&M = orientation and mobility, RAI = Resident Assessment Instrument.
The CNIB intends to raise awareness of the need for improved print clarity standards on packaging, labels and other areas where safety and human health are at stake.
Since the early days of the CNIB, the Egyptian authorities have kept up their efforts to combat drug use and are always updating and improving their methods to stamp out the practise.
Imaging), (416) 733-6064; Vicki Mains, CNIB National Office, (416) 480-7597.
Patent-Pending PDF Accessibility Solution Completes Technical Evaluations and Usability Testing by the American Foundation for the Blind, CNIB and the Royal National Institute for the Blind
To strengthen its editorial production capacity and improve its potential for graphic design, CNIB wishes to appeal to agencies specializing in graphic design, graphic execution and editing under a contract whose object is Editorial consulting, graphic creation and execution, writing, copy editing and other publishing-related benefits, realization of illustrations, infographics and iconographic research and taking photographs.
Called the Workplace Essential Skills Partnership program, it is currently training visually impaired clients at CNIB headquarters in Toronto (C.
John Rafferty, President and CEO of CNIB (formerly known as the Canadian National Institute for the Blind), said, "The effect this technology can have on the lives of people with vision loss is remarkable.