CNICCitizens' Nuclear Information Center
CNICComputer Network Information Center (Chinese Academy of Sciences)
CNICComputerized National Identity Card (Pakistan)
CNICCommander, Naval Installation Command
CNICComputational Neurobiology and Imaging Center (New York)
CNICConference on Neural Interface and Control
CNICCentro Nacional de Ivestigaciones Cientificas (Cuba)
CNICCommander, Naval Intelligence Command
CNICCommander, Naval Intelligence Center
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NADRA has also foiled 12,732 attempts of obtaining CNIC by confirmed aliens.
Four teams have been constituted to visit different localities in the affected region," he said adding soon the victims would be provided with the duplicate CNICs.
It is pertinent to mention here that PTA has set up a system called "SIM Information System - 668" in order to ensure that the SIMs are registered against the CNIC of the authorized (legitimate) user.
Malik also disclosed that NADRA's software engineers have developed the software which will capture name, father's name, date of birth, address and biometric information of the affected people and will locate lost CNIC.
Mobile Registration Vans were deployed in order to process fresh and duplicate CNICs of the prisoners at the jail.
Earlier CEC GB informed Chairman NADRA that the current Legislative Assembly of GB carried out amendment according to which CNIC has been made mandatory for legislation and casting of vote.
She said the CNIC number in question, would be sent through SMS at special number "7000" and in response, NADRA would provide details associated with that CNIC such as name of the person to whom the CNIC allotted in Urdu along with his father's name and in case of a married women her husband's name, or subsequently any other content.
The spokesman said those registered voters whose CNIC has expired, can cast their votes without any hesitation.
Ferrer and CNIC, under the framework of a public-private partnership, successfully developed an innovative polypill that combines three important cardio-protective medicines in a convenient, one-a-day capsule.
NADRA officials issued CNIC to one sister Aqsa while refused to issue it to her twin Azka by sealing the invoice as blocked.
Months later, Nadra vigilance department woke up to discover the documents to be fake and ordered cancellation of CNICs of Sharbat and her alleged sons.
CNIC is continuously striving to optimize scarce budget resources to better serve its customers.