CNIMCámara Nacional de la Industria Maderera (Spanish: National Chamber of the Woodworkers Industry; Mexico)
CNIMComitato Nazionale Italiano Manutenzione (Italian: Italian National Maintenance Committee; work maintenance)
CNIMCertified in Neurophysiologic Interoperative Monitoring
CNIMCertificate in Neurophysiologic Intraoperative Monitoring (electroneurodiagnostics)
CNIMCrank Nicolson Implicit Method (computational science)
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The environmental protection agency was set to respond within 60 days and CNIM was hoping to start building later that year.
CNIM has been awarded by Petrofac, a leading international service provider to the oil and gas industry, a contract to design, build and commission an innovative highly energy efficient and environmentally friendly cooling system consisting of two custom-made absorption chillers.
The CNIM Group denied causing delays in the project.
CNIM S Environment Division, based in Velizy in south-western Paris, is general contractor (EPC) for the Wilton 11 project.
CNIM and the British construction company Clugston will be building the plant, which is to generate electricity for approx.
We have signed an incineration contract with French company CNIM and are working with recycling companies, like Recycle for Charity, to help us get rid of waste safely and at lower costs, than burying it at Hafeera," he said.
CNIM and Navantia based in central Europe, Almaz Shipbuilders based in Russia, and Abu Dhabi Shipbuilding Company from the Middle East.
CNIM has been given 18 months to complete all required studies before starting construction work, but it is hoped to begin well ahead of this.
architectural and interior CNIM, presented by the Employer after consultation with the Office of
B&W Volund Baumgarte Boder Systems GmbH BP C&G Environmental Protection Holdings Ltd China Everbright CJ Global Green Energy Philippines Group CNIM Covanta Energy Corporation Dan Municipal Sanitation Association Doosan Dynamis Group E.
The contract provides for the supply of spare parts for the 2015 program of heritage and corrective maintenance of escalators construction CNIM, Otis and ThyssenKrupp Metro and RER RATP network.