CNIMEConsejo Nacional de Industrias Maquiladoras de Exportación (Spanish: National Council of Maquiladora Export Industries; industrial association; Paraguay)
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For the past 37 years, CNIME has met to set goals objectives for the purpose of enhancing Mexico's ability to attract foreign investment to its manufacturing and assembly sector.
The CNIME projects exports from the maquiladora sector to reach a record US$90 billion in 2005, up from about US$86 billion in 2004 and US$77 billion in 2003.
This measure would raise production costs of manufacturing and cause us to lose competitiveness to other countries," CNIME president Humberto Inzunza Fonseca told Reuters news service in early August.
But CNIME president Humberto Inzunza Fonseca said the industry was hoping for a longer-term solution to the tax situation.
The CNIME and other organizations representing the maquiladora sector have asked the Fox administration to take emergency steps, such as a tax amnesty, a loan package, and other financial aid, to help the industry weather the slump in sales.
CNIME president Humberto Insunza Fonseca said the government's delay in providing information regarding the taxes is typical of its slow approach toward other policies affecting the maquiladora sector.