CNIOCentro Nacional de Investigaciones Oncológicas (Spanish: National Cancer Research Center)
CNIOChief Nursing Informatics Officer (Florida)
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CNIOs and nursing informatics leaders are using emerging technologies to aid in safe staffing (Garcia & Nell, 2013).
At a regional/local level, though, this core team consists of a clinical/informatics triad of a regional CMIO, regional CNIO and regional CIO.
As a research organization, the CNIO is committed to fostering and promoting innovation.
Examples of the CNIO strategic role include activities such as guiding an electronic health record (EHR) system selection process, defining an HIT governance process, engaging senior executives in the culture and practice changes required when an EHR is being implemented, advising on the sequencing for EHR module implementations, consulting on the methodology for implementation (big bang vs.
The CNIO Symposium on the Molecular Taxonomy of Cancer.
The first challenge for CNIO researchers was to reproduce the Yamanaka experiment in a living being.
its CNIO, are wading through heavy waters there as they help lead their organization into and through ACO and population health development in a rapidly changing metro market.
In 2009, the same CNIO laboratory discovered that telomeres increase in length during cell reprogramming (Marion et al.
In order to analyse this other potential function, and its importance in the organism, CNIO researchers created a lineage of mice without RAP1 and, to their surprise, discovered a model for obesity.
from the CNIO, the MEC, and the European Union (INTACT and PROTEOMAGE).
Following a 13-hospital EHR implementation, Texas Health Resources' CNIO determined that there was an opportunity to improve nursing workflows and nursing documentation.