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CNJCentral New Jersey
CNJCollege of New Jersey
CNJCentral Railroad Company of New Jersey
CNJChristian Networks Journal
CNJComision Nacional de Juventud (Spanish: National Youth Commission; Peru)
CNJComputer Networks Journal
CNJConseil Nantais de la Jeunesse (French youth council)
CNJConseil Nanterrien de la Jeunesse (French youth council)
CNJCentre National du Jeu (French game library)
CNJCercle Nancéien de Judo (French judo club)
CNJCommission Nationale des Jeunes (French: National Youth Commission)
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Currently, as a consequence of research about reforms specifically based on CNJ resolutions, little systematic evidence has been produced on outsourcing and IT investments.
In Brazil, the systematic collection of data by the Judiciary started only in the 2000s, especially after the creation of the CNJ in 2005, and thus the data available are very limited, which restricts the possibility of deeper analysis (Gomes & Guimaraes 2013).
Tal investigacao valeu-se ainda de pesquisa documental mediante analise da legislacao, de resolucoes e demais atos normativos, bem como a analise das Diretrizes Curriculares para os cursos de Direito do MEC, das acoes do CNJ e da Enfam.
Chen CNJ, Brown-Borg HM, Rakoczy SG, Ferrington DA, Thompson LV Aging impairs the expression of the catalytic subunit of glutamate cysteine ligase in soleus muscle under stress.
CNJ is being rebranded as Avison Young with seven members joining.
The purchase further expands Avison Young's business-line coverage in New Jersey, with seven members joining from CNJ.
Quienes compitan en la ON seran premiados con puntos, mientras que quienes lo hagan en el CNJ recibiran medallas.
CNJ Rentals LLC, to Hale Gregg M & Lisa J; 97 D St, Springfield, 97477; $222,000.
En septiembre, los jueces de la CNJ Jose Suing y Gustavo Durango -dos de los pocos jueces independientes que quedaban en la CNJ- fueron suspendidos y posteriormente destituidos de sus cargos por haber resuelto un caso en contra de los intereses del gobierno, representados en el Servicio de Rentas Internas (SRI).
In order to assist the CNJ in the Information Technology (IT) management and Governance activities, it was created a committee which has done relevant work on the Information Technology Strategic Planning for the Judiciary.
Objetivou o CNJ responsabilizar-se pela sujeicao do Poder Judiciario a disciplina administrativa por ele imposta, mantidas as decisoes judiciais fora do seu alcance, e democratizar o Poder, submetido a uma verticalizacao administrativa incompativel com qualquer modelo de administracao moderna.
What we found, perhaps through the publication of the CNJ report, now that you have the PPC--Educational Plan in Context awaiting for approval, which contemplates the installation of the PIA and the PIA Family, which are plans of social and psychological care for the interns and their families, for the sake of drawing more accurate profile of the phase in which they are re-education.