CNMGConde Nast Media Group
CNMGCaribbean New Media Group (Trinidad)
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3 (length x outer diameter) Tube thickness (mm) 2 Tool material TiAlN coated tungsten carbide insert Tool rake angle / clearance -5[degrees]/+5[degrees] angle Insert CNMG 120408 MP, KC 5010 Cutting speeds (m/min) 25, 40, 61 and 93 Feed rate (mm/rev) 0.
In the present work, multilayer CVD coated ISO P-40, cemented carbide rhombic flat inserts of ISO specification CNMG 120408 with chip breaker and composition WC=75.
They can be mounted on any standard toolholder that carries standard CNMG inserts, but the seat has to be replaced with a special seat: TCH 4.
More often the "confined space" condition occurs when using 80[degrees] diamond shaped inserts (eg: CNMG and WNMG).
Wildman spent six years at CNMG, most recently as Executive Director, Integrated Marketing, where he developed and sold customized communications platforms across the entire portfolio of print and digital assets.
The new QNMG insert (eight cutting edges) represents another step in the evolution of the popular Trigon 80 deg axial and face-turning corner of the WNMG insert (six cutting edges) and the CNMG insert (four cutting edges), which cover most industrial needs.
Greenleaf's CNMG series of inserts carries the designations FF (fine finishing), GP (general purpose), MR (medium roughing), and HR (heavy roughing).
The Sandvik sales rep, Doug Evans, brought in and tested a high positive CNMG diamond rough turning insert optimized for steel cutting.