CNMICommonwealth of Northern Mariana Islands
CNMICertified Newborn Massage Instructor
CNMICommunications Network Management Interface
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ATISA also connects the CNMI to Guam, where local businesses and government agencies can connect to other systems, extending the cable's reach to the global internet.
Ray Ono, the bank's vice chairman and chief banking officer, said, 'First Hawaiian Bank continues to be an integral part of the community and has enjoyed strong relationships within the Guam and CNMI region as a result of Laura's outstanding leadership.
It is the only higher education institution in the CNMI, a U.
Serum samples from 210 female workers from 17 through 51 years of age were collected opportunistically when, as a requirement for annual contract renewal, the workers came to the Department of Public Health, Saipan, CNMI.
CNMI are a group of islands with fringing reefs (surrounding most islands) and offshore coral reef banks and ridges.
Fish and Wildlife Service, and the CNMI Division of Fish and Wildlife (DFW), feral goats and pigs were eradicated from the island by 1998.
There is no doubt that trips to the CNMI are one of the most effective ways to build permanent friends on the Hill and among policy makers in Washington," boasted Abramoff in a 1998 memo to his associates.
Before a crowd of politicians and businesspeople that night, DeLay declared Abramoff, who represented the Saipan Garment Manufacturers Association and the CNMI government while at the firm Preston Gates & Ellis LLP, "one of my closest and dearest friends.
And while "leading members of the CNMI government assert that the Commonwealth's immigration and minimum wage laws are responsible for its economic progress," as Ai F51U a 1997 report from Democratic staffers at the House Resources Committee concludes, "upon closer examination, it is evident that the economic growth of the CNMI is largely due to federal grants totaling hundreds of millions of dollars and the financial success of a few employers who have relied upon the recruitment and sweat of a large, cheap, foreign labor force.