CNMPComprehensive Nutrient Management Plan (USDA)
CNMPCollectif National de Mobilisation en Psychiatrie
CNMPChronic Nonmalignant Pain
CNMPCentro Nordestino de Medicina Popular (Brasil)
CNMPCenter for Natural Medicine and Prevention
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It is against this backdrop that Medical Technologies Unlimited is ready to roll out its new CNMP throughout the country in several states, including Florida and California.
A compliance component in each enforcement case will require the farmer to develop and implement a CNMP to prevent future discharges and provide assurance of environmental compliance.
This paper is supported by CNCSIS--UEFISCSU, project number 679/2009 PNTI--IDEI code 929/2008, Transmisii hidrodinamice inteligente (Intelligent Hydrodynamic Transmitions), and Grant CNMP 21047/1467/2007.
This paper is supported by the CNMP, PN II Research project 71-039/2007.
This work was supported by CNMP, project number PNII- GEOMORF 32-140/2008 and by CNCSIS-UEFISCSU, project number PNII-IDEI 1075/2009.
The virtual models will be used for the physical embodiment, the project ROBEX, grant 71-024/2007 funded by ANCS / CNMP being in course.
35/ 2007, CNCSIS- IDEI 34/2007 and Grant CNMP SHATEMPNr 1467/21047/2007.
Hydro pneumatic power plant using waves, Contract 21-001, National Center for Programs Management CNMP, Bucharest.
This work was supported in part by the CNCSIS, National Council of Scientific Research from High Education, Romanian Ministry of Education, Research and Youth, under Grant 510/2005 and by the CNMP, National Center for Programs Management, Romanian Ministry of Education, Research and Youth, under Grant CEEX 71/2006 from Excellency Research Programme.