CNNACellular Neural Networks and Their Applications (IEEE workshop)
CNNACoalition of Norwalk Neighborhood Associations
CNNACorcoran Nelson Nardone and Associates (architectural firm; Atlanta, GA)
CNNACulture-Negative Neutrophilic Ascites
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The CNNA, whose membership primarily consists of national advertising agencies, has announced its mission is to investigate new opportunities within existing media that would create efficiencies and better return on investment for the national advertising clients of CNNA members.
One of the key areas the CNNA seeks to leverage for its advertising clients is the underutilized media inventory on newspaper websites.
David Altschiller, an advertising industry veteran chairs the CNNA.
We feel the CNNA can benefit national advertisers and newspaper publishers alike by being an intermediary to help newspaper publishers package their ad inventory in a way that is more user friendly to the advertisers.
What really killed Bulgariaas King Boris III in the midst of WWII, CNNas Christiane Amanpour asksA his son Simeon Saxe-Coburg-Gotha in an interview.