CNOCCoordinadora Nacional de Organizaciones Campesinas (Spanish: National Coordination of Peasant Organizations)
CNOCCartoon Network Orbit Ctoons (website)
CNOCCommission on Nomenclature of Organic Chemistry
CNOCChief Nursing Officers Council
CNOCCustomer Network Operations Center (Alcatel)
CNOCChina National Oil Corporation
CNOCCommander, Naval Oceanography Command
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Aunque el gobierno de Estados Unidos no tiene catalogado al Cartel de Sinaloa como una agrupacion narcoterrorista, en el informe del CNOC se resalta el hecho de que de los 51 grupos terroristas identificados en el mundo por el Departamento de Estado, la DEA ubica a 20 como organizaciones asociadas con el narcotrafico colombiano y con el mexicano.
Una vez iniciada la relacion con los clientes de Africa, el Cartel de Sinaloa comenzo a ampliar independientemente sus relaciones con los cabecillas del crimen organizado del continente, entre los cuales se identifica a traficantes internacionales de armas a quienes el CNOC llama "facilitadores sombra".
To avoid the celebrations from excessively cutting into to the country's lean budget, an appeal was made to the private sector to show a mark of "corporate citizenship" by financing some of the projects identified by CNOC, which in return will grant them concessions over the use of the Golden Jubilee logo.
It is our hope," says CNOC, "that all Cameroonians, no matter where they find themselves in the national triangle or abroad, be involved in the celebrations.
After the Peace Accords, CNOC reports there was an increase in temporary workers and deterioration of rural workers' human rights.
CNOC president Celis said, however, that expatriates from coffee-growing regions are sending funds back to their communities, which in turn are helping sustain coffee production among small-scale growers.
Variables identified in the literature were then supplemented with input from brainstorming sessions with the CNOC, other state and local CNOs, managers, and staff.
CNOC BEAG could not, unsurprisingly, live with the record-breaking King Eden a couple of weeks ago and should find A2 company much more to his liking in Doncaster's 9.
Commonly there is a system-level CNO and CNOC although the responsibilities and reporting structures may vary (Pinkerton, 1999b).
The CNOC contends Mexico must do its part to help boost global coffee prices, even if this means withholding some exports.
Biggest shock of the night was the defeat of hot-pot Mountjoy Osprey, who struggled to get compeititve after missing the break in a race won by the Gerry Ballentine-trained, prolificscoring DIAMOND CNOC.
DIAMOND CNOC can make a winning return from lameness in the pick of Romford's opens this evening by making all in the 10.