CNPCChina National Petroleum Corporation
CNPCConseil National des Professions du Cycle (French: National Council of Professional Cycling)
CNPCCentre National Professionnel pour la Commercialisation des Articles de Sport et Loisir (French: National Center for Professional Marketing of Sporting Goods and Leisure)
CNPCCentro Nacional de la Productividad y la Calidad (Chile)
CNPCConsolidated Nuclear Production Center
CNPCCommander, Navy Personnel Command
CNPCChina National Philatelic Corporation (Chinese stamp authority)
CNPCChronic Non-Productive Cough
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This came during his visit on Thursday, heading the delegation of the Ministry of Oil and Gas to the CNPC Headquarters in Khartoum.
39 million cubic meters of gas can cover one-third of winter gas consumption in Beijing, as well as cut coal consumption by 63,000 tons per day, which can reduce pollution," read a report from CNPC.
Wang Yilin added: This framework agreement marks a new stage in CNPCs partnership with Abu Dhabi and ADNOC.
We will support CNPC in their ambitious growth plans by providing favourable business processes, services and facilities that compare with international standards.
CNPC had helped finance the earlier Uzbek section of a gas pipeline from Turkmenistan to China which passes through Kazakhstan.
Jinan Diesel Engine, a unit under CNPC, said that it plans to buy certain financial assets in CNPC for 75.
CNPC official also said his company's decision comes in response to the presidential directives in the two nations which call for the need to enhance the joint strategic cooperation relations.
Javadi did not say why Iran did not wait until July to revoke the CNPC contract.
Managing Director Mousa Souri told the Iranian oil ministry's website, Shana, that a joint committee would be established with the project's Chinese contractor CNPC.
No matter how CNPC will deal with its cooperation with Encana on exploring shale gas in Canada, the former's move to acquire the ownership of the latter's shale gas field has further underlined Chinese petroleum industry's ambition to secure the sources of gas and oil through mergers and acquisitions (M&As) worldwide.
United States and European Union economic sanctions against Iran has left CNPC as the largest foreign oil company in the Middle Eastern country.
CNPC will use the proceeds from the debt sale to foster its working capital.