CNPSRCoalition of National Park Service Retirees (Washington, DC)
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I have watched the substantial work and successes of CNPSR in support of the National Park Service with admiration and appreciation.
Finnerty noted that CNPSR is a strong voice in debates about maintaining and protecting national parks.
Carsley was singled out for his snowcoach advocacy over the past 20 years and his role in restoring the park's historic "Bombardier" snowcoaches, which CNPSR said are now the cleanest winter vehicles operating in Yellowstone.
CNPSR noted that Roberson, who has owned and operated a major snowmobile rental business for more than 20 years, has lately drawn regional and national attention for his development of "state-of-the-art" snowcoaches featuring picture windows and improved ski and track systems.
During the government shutdown, CNPSR issued national statements underscoring their belief in a shared, bipartisan, positive view of the National Park System.
According to preliminary CNPSR estimates, a 5 percent cut under sequestration to the $2.
CNPSR pointed to these numbers as a noteworthy and positive impact on the national economy from an agency (NPS) that receives just 1/15th of 1 percent of the total federal budget (and declining).
Deny Galvin, member of CNPSR and the former NPS deputy director, said, "As the deputy director of the National Park Service 10 years ago when the snowmobile industry promised to produce cleaner and quieter machines, I can tell you that the trust has been broken.
While scores of national parks will be impacted to one extent or another, CNPSR highlighted the following 11 parks to show the range of likely harms:
Entitled "Reality Check: What Visitors to America's National Parks Will Experience During Summer 2006," the CNPSR report concludes: "Despite 'happy talk' assurances from political appointees at the Department of the Interior and National Park Service, all is not well this summer in America's national parks.
CNPSR Spokesperson Bill Wade, the former superintendent of Shenandoah National Park, said: