CNRACaisse Nationale de Retraites et d'Assurances (French: National Pension and Insurance Fund; Morocco)
CNRAConfédération Nationale des Radios Associatives (French radio station association)
CNRACalifornia Natural Resources Agency (Sacramento, CA)
CNRACentre National de Recherche Agronomique (French)
CNRAConseil National des Radios Associatives (Spanish)
CNRACalifornia North Referee Administration
CNRACommittee on Nuclear Regulatory Activities
CNRAConseil National de la Recherche Archéologique
CNRACommission on National and Regional Atlases
CNRACitizens Natural Resources Association (Wisconsin)
CNRACoastal Natural Resource Area
CNRACombat Net Radio Access
CNRACertificat de Navigabilité Restreint Avion
CNRACommission Nationale de Recours Amiable
CNRAClearing, Novation & Release Agreement
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A lawsuit filed by the CNMI government challenging some provisions of the CNRA resulted in a court injunction delaying implementation of the CNMI-only transitional worker program until DHS considers public comments and issues a new rule.
School districts that had written a policy prior to the CNRA were included if they had updated their policy based upon the requirements listed in the 2004 Act.
CNRA contains several CNMI-specific provisions affecting foreign workers and investors during a transition period that began in November 2009 and ends in 2014.
Institut Superieur Polytechnique NCD2 self Dwarf selection from the Nigerian Composite Dwarf population released try ICRISAT YEMEN #4/e1R1 YPM-5 x ICMP 85410 e1R1 413B NM-4B, 26B x 67B IBMV 8401 B Derived from population released from CNRA, Bambey in collaboration with ICRISAT, contains Heine Kirei (Niger) + Souna III (Senegal) + dwarf genes from Tift 23DB 086 R1 NM-6R, selection from one of Jack Casady's KSU populations with unknown background, possibly from Uganda 58012R1R4 (J1623 x 3/4 ex Bornu) x (26B x Serere 10B) GRPF5 Selected from an outcross of Ghana R Population-1 with Bill Stegmeier's KSU breeding nursery Bmr eB [(KSU 79-2068B x 5141B) x 1516bmr] x [81B x 26B] PI 279661 PI 287004 Amhadu Bello University PI 300088 Oakes, A.
The CNRA is an international committee of senior representatives of national nuclear regulatory bodies, who meet regularly to exchange information and experience.
Contract notice:Insurance contract covering the statutory risks of agents affiliated with CNRA.
Une reforme, consideree comme prioritaire voire urgente, depuis le gouvernement Jettou, puis remise sous le coude par celui d'El Fassi, compte tenu du grave deficit des principales Caisses que compte le pays, depuis la CNSS jusqu'a la CNRA, en passant par la CMR, et meme le RCAR a plus long terme.
294 pensionnes de la CNRA, dont le chiffre d'affaires s'eleve a 528 millions DH et un total bilan de pres de 12 milliards DH.
L'amelioration du niebe (Vigna unguiculata) au CNRA de Bambey: de 1959 a 1973 resultats obtenus entre 1970 et 1973.