CNRGCommunity Nutrition Research Group (USDA)
CNRGComputer Network Research Group (University of Massachusetts, Amherst; Institute of Technology, Bandung, Indonesia)
CNRGCommunity Nonprofit Resources Group (online volunteer community)
CNRGComputational Neuroscience Research Group (various universities)
CNRGCanadian Natural Resources Group (Whistler, British Columbia, Canada)
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The announcement of the partnership with CNRG comes on the heels of BlueTarp's $15 million equity increase to support their own rapid growth rate.
About Central Network Retail Group, LLC CNRG operates 43 home center and hardware stores in Mississippi, Louisiana, Alabama, Tennessee, Texas, North Carolina, and Georgia under nine separate brands.
Doug Gregory, president of Morrison has remained on board to join the CNRG board of directors.
The synergies between Morrison Terrebone and CNRG were what helped to close this deal," stated Terry Mackin.
Several CNRG staff analyze survey data to investigate dietary patterns, physical activity, and other behaviors in the United States among diverse population groups.
This sample allowed CNRG to make several important group-based conclusions," says Harris.
In response, the CNRG, together with Morgan State University in Baltimore, Maryland, published "Food Counts in the African American Community.
Another way that CNRG strives to assess and forecast nutritional needs is through the Community Nutrition Mapping Project, or CNMap.
A CNRG project called FoodLink connects foods used in USDA food surveys to information on ingredients and commodities.