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CNRICorporation for National Research Initiatives (Reston, VA)
CNRICombat Net Radio Interface
CNRICommunity and Neighborhood Revitalization Initiative
CNRICentre National de Ressources pour l'Ingénierie (French: National Resource Center for Engineering)
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Lunney said, We will carry on working closely with CNRI to ensure our engineers deliver the high calibre of work they have come to rely on.
Selon le CNRI, "le site est un nouveau centre destine a des activites nucleaires.
The CNRI Contract comprises the provision of SKD T-20 for wells in the Espor filed in Block CI-26 offshore Cote d Ivoire.
La situation est explosive dans la societe iranienne, la population veut le changement, le regime actuel n'a aucun avenir mais l'Iran est en proie a une repression inimaginable", explique Mme Radjavi, presidente elue du CNRI, dont les Moudjahidine du peuple sont la principale composante.
Kahn founded CNRI in 1986 as a not-for-profit organization to provide leadership and funding for research and development for the National Information Infrastructure.
Contract is for a primary term of 10 firm wells to be completed in not less than 365 days, followed by four single well options to be exercised at CNRI s sole discretion.
Corporations, including Ciena, Cisco, CNRI, Fujitsu, Hewlett-Packard, Infinera, Microsoft Research, NEC, Netronome, SPARTA, and Qwest will work with these academic teams.
The contract will see Harkand deliver jacket life extension works, IMR inspection and scopes services in the second quarter of 2014 for CNRI s Ninian South platform and Lyell field, situated around 150km northeast of the Shetland Islands.
CNRI equity interests in the producing fields being acquired will be:
Stephen Peet, EAME regional operations director for WGIM said, "This contract will build on WGIM's long-standing relationship with CNRI, to whom we have previously provided a range of Integrity Management Services.