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CNRSCentre National de la Recherche Scientifique (National Center for Scientific Research, France)
CNRSCanadian Nautical Research Society
CNRSCentro Nacional de Referencia Para El Sida (Argentinean National Reference Center for Aids)
CNRSCollege of Natural Resources and Sciences (Humboldt State University; Arcata, CA)
CNRSCenter for Natural Resources Studies (Bangladesh)
CNRSCanadian Nurses' Respiratory Society
CNRSCatholic Network for Retreats and Spirituality (UK)
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Founded in September 2009, CNRS is committed to providing a full-stop shopping experience for its customers.
CNRS further said: "In addition, fieldwork has shown that, in populations living in extreme poverty, the proliferation of head lice led to the emergence of lice able to adapt to clothes and turn into body lice.
Another PR2 is heading to Europe; specifically France's CNRS Laboratory of Analysis and Architecture of Systems.
According to the researchers' preliminary inspections, the footprints appear to be the biggest seen so far," the CNRS said.
In the same year he joined CNRS as a research scholar and was promoted to Director of Research in 1988.
He collaborated with Moueen Hamzeh, director general of CNRS, to assemble the satellite images for the 138-page book.
In battlefield conditions where seconds count, the importance of real-time access to the data that CNRS provides is absolutely essential.
We are not here just to sign an MoU but to confirm Italian commitment to and cooperation with Lebanon and to allow the CNRS to perform these important studies.
developer of innovative products and technologies for parallel quantitative biology (PQB), and the exclusive provider of QuantiGene (R) and QuantiGene (R) Plex quantitative gene expression profiling technology, today announced an international agreement to develop a proprietary panel of optimized delivery reagents with CNRS, France.
The contract is for the supply of natural gas and its delivery to power the CNRS building in Meudon and LSPM Villetaneuse laboratory.
However, the negligible traces of iron, which were found in rainwater and foliage, are not deemed to be a danger to human health and require no further response from authorities, the CNRS said in a statement.