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CNSTConseil National de Santé au Travail (French: National Council on Occupational Health)
CNSTClinical Negligence Scheme for Trusts (UK)
CNSTCenter for Nanoscale Science and Technology (National Institute of Standards and Technology)
CNSTCenter for Naval Shipbuilding Technology (advanced manufacturing technologies; Charleston, SC)
CNSTCertified Network Systems Technician
CNSTCommunity Network Support Team (Canada)
CNSTComputer Networking and Security Technology (Texas State Technical College; Harlingen, TX)
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Research at CNST is entirely geared toward development of nanoscale measurement instruments and methods, which are made available through collaboration.
The critical step in the dissemination of the CNST onto the carcass surfaces and meat is the carcass splitting process (Schmidt et al.
Bone dust arises from splitting the vertebrae and contains CNST from cutting the spinal cord (Schmidt et al.
John Rostill, the trust's chief executive, said: "The financial benefit to the trust from our success in gaining CNST Levels 1 and 2, is a saving of pounds 800,000 on our annual premiums.
A realizacao da III CNST, em novembro de 2005, enseja a discussao de uma questao que volta a luz, ou seja, a representacao de usuarios na composicao das delegacoes que participou das Conferencias de Saude Regionais.
The Queen Elizabeth Hospital Maternity Unit has been awarded CNST Level 2 status for the high standard of its performance and risk management strategies.
CNST was established by the NHS Executive in 1994 to determine risk management standards in maternity units and to promote the highest levels of patient safety and excellence in management of patient care.
Many have been directly involved in the thorough CNST assessment,but all have played a part,in some way,in enhancing the clinical standards and care.
Our next CNST assessment will take place no later than February, 2006, so between now and then we must do all we can to build on our good work.
CNST was formed in recognition that the frontiers of virtually all areas of science now involve research at the nanometer scale, a circumstance that will hold true in the future.
Clinical negligence cases in the NHS are settled through the CNST which all trusts pay into.
The Company expects trading in its common stock to begin on NASDAQ on April 9, 2010 under the symbol CNST.