CNSTNCentre National des Sciences et Technologies Nucléaires (French: National Center for Nuclear Sciences and Technologies; Tunisia)
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Following the identification of radio-nuclides and their quantitative measurement in the laboratories of the National Centre of Nuclear Sciences and Technologies (CNSTN), we came to the conclusion that the radioactivity rates in Ben Ghilouf are of an acceptable level, both to the background natural noise and the areas near hot springs of over 1,500 meter-depth," CNSTN Director Azza Hamou specified.
It is worth recalling that this investigation was conducted by CNSTN and the National Centre of Protection against Radiation following the spread on social networks of a rumour about the presence of nuclear waste in Ben Ghilouf around the Gib Eddoukhane geothermal water coolers area.
1) Unite de Recherche:utilisation medicale et agricoles des techniques nucleaires CNSTN UR01, Centre National des Sciences et Technologies Nucleaires, Technopole Sidi Thabet, 2020, Tunis, Tunisie