CNSWCouncil of Nephrology Social Workers (National Kidney Foundation)
CNSWCommunity Network South West (Birmingham City Council; Birmingham, England, UK)
CNSWCroquet New South Wales (Australia)
CNSWCycling New South Wales (Australia)
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Harry Harinath resigned as head of CNSW early last year, The Sydney Morning Herald reports.
When the CNSW board, headed by Dr Harinath, met to address the problems, Tendulkar almost joined Michael Hussey and Brett Lee on the list after it was acknowledged they needed to attract superstars to engage the 90,000-strong population of people boasting Indian and subcontinent heritage in the area.
Colin Hanno, senior constituency manager at CNSW, said: "At the moment it's really just at a conception stage.
CNSW is jointly funded by Birmingham City Council and the European Redevelopment Fund.
We're still waiting for costs from Tests to be calculated but day four certainly hurt us," The Sydney Morning Herald quoted CNSW boss David Gilbert, as saying.
CNSW chief executive David Gilbert said that no deadline had been set for Mott to resign from his current job.