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In Brazil, there was established the Strategic Action Plan for Facing the CNTD in Brazil (20112022), aiming to promote the development of effective public policies for preventing and controlling the CNTD, (2) being accomplished primarily in the Primary Health Care (PHC), consolidated through the government program for Family Health Strategy (FHS), which act on health promotion, disease prevention, diagnosis, treatment of the most prevalent health problems and personal recovery of the entire population.
1,7,14,15,18-24) Despite all these data, studies have evidenced that CNTD mortality rate showed a tendency for reduction of about 20% since the 1990's, being observed larger reductions in cerebrovascular, chronic respiratory and ischemic disorders.
Thereby, health promotion activities can empower women on the benefits of appropriate behaviors and lifestyles that may help reducing the risks for cardiovascular disease included in the Strategic Action Plan for Confronting the CNTD, such as working with healthy eating strategies avoiding obesogenic products, reducing salt consumption and encouraging physical activity groups.