CNTKCentrum Naukowo Techniczne Kolejnictwa (Poland, Railway Scientific and Technical Center)
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Microsoft Cognitive Toolkit, previously known as CNTK is a deep learning library developed in C++ that offers high accuracy and speed, being compatible with many common programming languages or algorithms.
Some of the most popular deep learning libraries The programming Deep learning libraries/toolboxes developed in the No language respective programming language 1 Python Theano and based on it: Keras, Pylear2, Lasagne, Blocks Caffe nolearn Gensim Chainer deepnet Hebel CXXNET DeepPy DeepLearning Neon 2 Python API over TensorFlow by Google a C/C++ engine 3 Matlab ConvNet DeepLearnT oolBox cuda-convnet MatConvNet eblearn 4 C++ SINGA NVIDIA DIGITS Intel[R] Deep Learning Framework Microsoft Cognitive Toolkit, previously known as CNTK 5 Java N-Dimensional Arrays for Java (ND4J) Deeplearning4j Encog H20 Web API 6 JavaScript Convnet.