CNTVComisión Nacional de Televisión (Spanish, Colombia)
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All of China s IPTV platforms are being operated by CNTV controls throughout its 31 provinces.
CHINA IPTV, created as a joint venture by CNTV and Shanghai Media Group, is the only integrated for-profit IPTV platform operating nationwide under CNTV's authorization.
Hollywood Casting CNTV has had seven consumer complaints with the Better Business Bureau in the last three years, most of them requesting refunds - which either were made or for which credit was given, said Todd McDonald, trade practice manager for the nonprofit group.
Among other relevant partnerships presented at IBC, it must be noted the cooperation with CNTV and its 3D WebTV Channel and with Hisilicon , the leading chipset solution provider in China.
From this period dates a couple of interesting instruments: the mandatory "cultural strip" (whereby the channels decided what to show and the state did not spend one peso) and the CNTV competitive fund for quality programs.
The CNTV regulatory authority decided at the end of last year to switch to the new standard.
This is the first time that the Gala will be streamed live on an online platform other than CCTV's own website, CNTV.
com has become the media's leading source for online video content, serving the likes of Reuters, CNN, The New York Times, EuroSport, Agencia EFE, Univision Online, CNTV, TV3, The Sun, Spiegel, ESPN Latin America, France 24 and Sky Italia.
By virtue of powerful content, user and capital resources from their holding companies, CNTV, Sohu Video and Baidu Qiyi rose rapidly in 2010.
Sisvel Technology's booth is composed by four attractive exhibition areas presenting the different projects the company is undertaking together with its international partners, CNTV, Hisilicon, 3D Council and Triaxes/Elecard.
In line with traditional Chinese virtues of thrift and frugality, CNTV integrated elements of these virtues into the 2013 online gala, differentiating the televised event from dozens of similar galas aired by other TV stations, and, in doing so, became an element of the event that was quickly noticed and commented on by viewers nationwide.
Hunan Satellite TV, Liaoning Satellite TV, and even the lately released CNTV, have all headed for the game industry.