CNVRCentral Naugatuck Valley Region (Connecticut)
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In the five years before the inception of the CNVR, 3%-5% of WBRC admissions were patients with neurological visual impairment.
The CNVR program addresses a variety of functional visual deficits, including field loss from quadronopia, hemianopia, and a constricted field.
Although this article focuses on neurological vision rehabilitation, it is important to note that it is only one component of the CNVR program.
He has also been scheduled to return to the WBRC for additional CNVR training.
Since beginning CNVR in December, we have trapped more than 700 stray dogs.
Ms Hughes said the CNVR scheme was the best solution out of the options available.
The CNVR programme means that the dogs won't continue to breed in large numbers, and it will keep any risk of infection or aggression at bay.