CNWChicago and North Western (Railroad)
CNWCanada News Wire (media service)
CNWClub Nautique de Wimereux (French sailing club)
CNWCenter for New Words (Cambridge, MA)
CNWCommunity Nutrition Worker
CNWCartoon Network West (TV network)
CNWCommercial Nuclear Waste
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Nicole Guillot, Cision's President of Canada and Corporate Director of CNW Group Ltd.
CNW chair Glyn Watkin Jones said: "This is a significant step towards the protection of the game in North Wales and I am honoured to have been appointed chairman of a group with such an important remit.
A full ownership of CNW will allow the PR Newswire business to conduct an aligned commercial, product development and infrastructure strategy throughout its North American operations.
They added that in this connection, they also contacted Sub Divisional Officer (SDO) Imran Khan and other high-ups of the CNW department because in their supervision this work has been done but in vain.
By using the CNW and PR Newswire service, we are able to reach a lot more sources while offering a better targeting.
CNW research indicates that the lending environment in Oregon is slightly better than the national picture, but that credit is definitely tighter here than it was last year.
Jim Kliesch, research analyst with the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy (ACEEE), which publishes a yearly rating of the "Greenest and Meanest" cars, says the CNW study contradicts many other studies, including those conducted by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Carnegie Mellon, Argonne National Labs, the Union of Concerned Scientists and others that place the green-friendliness of the Prius and other hybrids head and shoulders above many other vehicles and certainly the Hummer.
People aren't as driven by fuel prices when there isn't a scare factor," CNW President Art Spinella said.
CNW found that some hybrid cars consume more energy than conventional ones due to their production and recycling costs.
75-per-share offer is open for acceptance for seven days, reports CNW (Nov.
CNW Marketing Research in Brandon, Oregon, reports that 816,604 certified pre-owned (CPO) cars were sold in 2001.