CNWSConcord Naval Weapons Station (Concord, CA)
CNWSCentre of Non-Western Studies (Netherlands)
CNWSCenter for Naval Warfare Studies
CNWSCenter for Nursing Workforce Studies (Austin, TX)
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The CNWS was officially closed in 2007 and is currently in the process of being transferred to the City of Concord.
An interdisciplinary approach is the defining characteristic of CNWS research.
Another form of research-related international outreach is conducted by the CNWS International Law Department (ILD).
Research School CNWS, School of Asian, African, and Amerindian Studies, 2002, xxiii560 p.
research at CNWS in Leiden, is concerned with gender, kinship and matriliny in Minangkabau from a female perspective.
To provide just a few examples, the writings of Lyle Goldstein, William Murray, and Andrew Winner of CNWS form a part of the required reading in the new strategy courses offered by the Strategy and Policy Department.
Professor Barney Rubel, the dean of CNWS, organized the collegewide effort.
Robert Rubel, currently director of the Wargaming Department of CNWS, provides in his "The Epistemology of War Gaming" a valuable insider's analysis of the conceptual underpinnings of this arcane subject and, in particular, of the many misconceptions that too often compromise its value.