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CO-OPCooperative Education Program
CO-OPCognitive Orientation to Daily Occupational Performance (child therapy)
CO-OPContinuity of Operations Planning
CO-OPCooperative Open-OSS Project (TMF)
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Geography; Environment & Sustainability (BA) Co-op, (MA)
CO-OP LoanLink Center will continue to operate at its location in Fort Worth, Texas, and no immediate changes are planned for the business, though it will be rebranded so that it will be recognizable as a CO-OP Financial Services offering.
Many say this situation could be remedied by creating more black-owned and operated co-ops.
This lack of knowledge, combined with the recent surge in ownership of condominiums and co-ops, provides insurance agents and brokers with an outstanding opportunity to educate and acquire new clients.
As to Hansen's contention that the co-op discriminated against her in refusing to transfer her mother's interest in membership in the co-op and denying her occupancy of her mother's unit, Justice Slade said the co-op's refusal was, indeed, based on her family status as outlined in the B.
Through its products and partnerships, West Central has become a world leader, an innovator, an inventor, an advocate, a crusader, a neighbor--and yes, still a local co-op.
The heyday of the cooperative nursery school movement was between 1940 and 1965 as revealed by the growing numbers of co-ops and the emergence of co-op associations.
The plan also includes expanding the activities of the distribution division by taking on distribution services for more of the co-ops across Canada, and supplementing the Film Group's core funding from government grants, with private sponsorship and foundation endowments.
The Brattleboro Food Co-op in Brattleboro, Vermont, for instance, lets local organic farmers practicing community-supported agriculture (selling their produce directly to subscribing consumers) use its facilities for free.
A co-op of parents also can serve purposes beyond baby-sitting.