CO1Cytochrome Oxidase 1
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Comparative analysis of the sequences from the collected insects with the BAST search tool at the NCBI database resulted in 27 species and 160 sequences for the mitochondrial CO1 gene for the genus Phyllophaga.
The MIC values of CO1 and CO2 are comparable to roxithromycin and these two complexes can be used as potential antibacterial drugs because of their inhibitory activity against bacteria at low concentrations.
terreus Shape of sporangium Globuse Round Spores shape on Abundant aerial Abundant aerial myecelia mycelia, round sphore mycelia, sphore are are round round Structure of hyphae Long hyphae, septate Long hyphae, septate Colony colour Brown surface, light Brown surface with brown reverse outside white ring, tan reverse Colony texture Flat and easy to form Flat, cottony and new colony velvety Isolated fungi Characteristics CO1 strain of A.
Analisis factorial exploratorio de practicas de gestion de recursos humanos ITEMS FACTOR 1 FACTOR 2 FACTOR 3 COMUNALIDADES CO7 0,831 0,720 CO4 0,820 0,774 CO8 0,819 0,754 CO9 0,800 0,738 CO6 0,786 0,700 CO5 0,783 0,661 CO2 0,782 0,725 CO3 0,748 0,678 CO1 0,695 0,638 CA3 0,898 0,887 CA6 0,896 0,876 CA7 0,871 0,805 CA5 0,821 0,779 CA2 0,821 0,777 CA1 0,816 0,757 CA4 0,791 0,770 SP1 0,826 0,815 SP2 0,807 0,790 SP3 0,705 0,633 %Varianza explicada 53,31 14,30 7,523 % Varianza acumulada 53,31 67,61 75,133 Medida de adecuacion muestral de Kaiser-Meyer-Olkin = 0,88 Prueba de esfericidad de Bartlett (Chi-Cuadrado, gl) = 2160,496 (171) Nivel de significacion = 0,000 Nota: Elaboracion propia.
The best evolutionary model for the concatenated, CO1, and 28S genes was the generalized time-reversible model plus gamma.
The segment of the mtDNA CO1 was amplified with the primers CO1-F: 5'- TCA ACC AAC CAC AAA GAC ATT GGC AC -3' (forward) and CO1-R: 5'- ACT TCA GGG TGA CCG AAG AAT CAG AA -3' (reverse) (Ward et al.
Des activites de 10 jours durant ont porte sur, outre la sensibilisation, effectuer des tests pour estimer les taux de CO1 parmi 1500 jeunes.
Let's revisit some basics of standard costing, remembering that P1 candidates are assumed to have brought forward all of their knowledge from their CO1 studies.
Table 2 Specimens sequenced, including locality information, collection voucher numbers, and GenBank accession numbers for Philinopsis species GenBank Accession Numbers Species Locality Dale Voucher 16S CO1 number P.
The symptoms after inhaling CO1 are headache, dizziness, nausea, drop in blood pressure, imbalance while walking, convulsion, unconsciousness, respiratory arrest and death, said the expert.