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During a further application of the same system to an adjacent pipebridge this year (2016), WINN & COALES (DENSO) says it took the opportunity to inspect the system which was applied previously.
WINN & COALES says its standard Denso Steelcoat 100/400 protection system was again chosen by Severn Trent Water for this pipe bridge.
As well as traditional timber works, the repairs also utilised the SeaShield 500 System supplied by WINN & COALES (DENSO) .
To recognise 50 years of service to his company, David Winn OBE, chairman of the global specialist Denso anti-corrosion products manufacturer, WINN & COALES INTERNATIONAL, was presented with a recently completed portrait in December 2015.
In a recent program carried out by the company's maintenance engineers, a WINN & COALES anti-corrosion system was reportedly applied to a linear run of pipeline carrying the water flow to the power turbine.
WINN & COALES (DENSO) Denso Void Filler was recommended to fill the void between the two sleeves but allowing movement of the inner sleeve.
Cathodic Protection says it chose to supply WINN & COALES (DENSO) LTD'S Densoseal 16A for use in the cathodic protection system that protects external well casings from corrosion.
Hyder Consulting, consulting engineers for the new pipe installation, approached WINN & COALES (DENSO) for advice on a suitable system to protect the joints on the outfall pipe.