COAMPSCoupled Ocean/Atmosphere Mesoscale Prediction System
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The IGGHZ-G ZTD forecasts were validated against ZTD values calculated form meteorological parameters from two external models--GPT2 and COAMPS.
Second validator was the NWP model COAMPS (Hodur, 1997).
In combination with COAMPS TC, this provides Navy planners with a state-of-the-art prediction system for the fleet.
While COAMPS uses an "incremental update," the AROME and MetUM were run by dynamical downscaling global model forecasts to a single nest.
RAMS exhibits a significant cool bias of over 1 K, with COAMPS also showing a cool bias but to a much lesser extent.
The analysis of the flow derived from radio sounding and NWP COAMPS model, shows that the actual correlation between consecutive voxels in the model is weaker in the bottom part and grows with increasing height.
First solution with the new constraints scheme was applied with data from COAMPS model.
These programs use data from the COAMPS model run on IA64 Feniks computer cluster in the Department of Civil Engineering and Geodesy of the Military University of Technology.
The COAMPS model provides 3D fields (grid: 112 x 103 x 31 and 145 x 169 x 31) of forecasted parameters, i.
COAMPS and COAMPS for tropical cyclones (TC): The COAMPS model is run in research and operations by the U.
Horizontal Resolution Type, Operational/ Model application real time Research Altitudes ECMWF IFS Global, FC TL1239 (~16 km) 0-80 km NCEP GFS Global, FC T574 (~23 km) 0-65 km NIWA/UKMO UM Global, FC N768 (~17 km) 0-80 km NAVGEM Global, FC, T359 (~37 km) T119-T425 0-70 km RE (~30-110 km) COAMPS Regional, 35 km 5-35 km 0-30 km adjoint FC, RE COAMPS Regional, 5 and 15 km 1-15 km 0-50 km FC, RE NZ Limited Regional, 12 km 0-80 km Area Model FC (NZLAM) NZ Convective Regional, 1.