COAPCompromise of Arrears Program
COAPClinical Outcomes Assessment Program
CoAPConstrained Application Protocol
COAPCourt Order Acceptable for Processing
COAPCertified Open Adoption Practitioner
COAPCenter for Ocean Analysis and Prediction
COAPCollege of American Pathologists
COAPCourse of Action Planner
COAPCertified Office Automation Professional
COAPCompensation Officer Apprenticeship Program
COAPColorado Organic Agroecology Program
COAPColorado Organization on Adolescent Pregnancy Parenting and Prevention
COAPControl Over All Purchases
COAPCommercial Appraisal of Opportunities (University of Warwick; UK)
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Figure 1 describes the failure rates for the COAP course, while figure 2 describes the failure rates for the SA course.
But a more careful examination shows that in the COAP course in 2004-2005 there were 23 students and the failure rate was 8.
a New York based merchant banking and investment house, to act as investment and financial advisor in all phases of the transactions related to the COAP projects.
The problem is there has been little outreach done on COAP, so few obligors are aware of it.
Em 1955, visando dar uma solução para o problema, longo documento assinado pelos principais críticos dos jornais paulistanos é dirigido a Ubirajara Zogaib, então diretor do Departamento de Estudos e Planejamento da COAP (Comissão de Abastecimento e Preços) - órgão responsável pelo tabelamento -, no qual a partir da consideração que "o equívoco da política de preços a que está submetido o cinema nacional consiste em encarar o público dentro de uma homogeneidade e não de uma heterogeneidade de capacidade de consumo", solicitase a liberação dos preços nos cinemas tão-somente quando da exibição de filmes brasileiros.
A hard copy of each course analysis was submitted to the COAP to identify gaps in the continuity of concepts.
The superintendent explained that it was called a Community Opportunity Advancement Program, or COAP, which is the same as a community correction center.
The COAPS model, unveiled just last year, is one of only a handful of numerical models in the world being used to study seasonal hurricane activity, and it has already outperformed many other models.
A key component of the COAPS model is the use of predicted sea surface temperatures.
Misra developed TIKE through a collaboration with Steven DiNapoli, a former COAPS data analyst, and Mark Powell, a National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration atmospheric scientist currently stationed at COAPS who created IKE with a colleague six years ago.
This upper level jet configuration was quite common for El Nino spring seasons, especially during the latter part (PDO 1 period) of the 20th century (see COAPS website (3)).
Our results here also agree qualitatively with those discussed by COAPS (3) regarding the typical ENSO impacts on temperature and precipitation over this region, as they imply the storm track resides further south during the spring months across this region during EN years.