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COBBLERConsensus Biasing by Locally Embedding Residues
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I'm as miserable a sinner as you'll meet with anywhere in these parts -- Thomas Nagle, the cobbler, only excepted; and he's worse than I am, for he's the younger of the two, and he ought to know better.
Hearing himself so called upon, the Cobbler stopped, and, seeing a well-clad stranger in blue, he spoke to him in seemly wise.
     Where the cobbler is unknown,
At Castelnau also there is a cobbler who is in my pay, and who will throw us a rope any dark night from his house by the town wall.
And although the French word for shoemaker is different now, there is still a slang word chausseur, meaning a cobbler.
SOCRATES: Or if we wanted him to be a good cobbler, should we not send him to the cobblers?
The last man, whoever he is--and he may be a cobbler or some low vulgar dog for aught we know--will have a longer pedigree than the greatest nobleman now alive; and I contend that this is not fair.
The cobbler was, as in many villages, an atheist, and his appearance in church was a shade more extraordinary than Mad Joe's.
Prince Michael's shoes were wrecked far beyond the skill of the carefullest cobbler.
Thus whether she received the Reverend Saunders McNitre, the Scotch divine; or the Reverend Luke Waters, the mild Wesleyan; or the Reverend Giles Jowls, the illuminated Cobbler, who dubbed himself Reverend as Napoleon crowned himself Emperor--the household, children, tenantry of my Lady Southdown were expected to go down on their knees with her Ladyship, and say Amen to the prayers of either Doctor.
I would mend the tire, having attended ambulance classes, do it very quietly so that she wouldn't hear, like the fairy cobblers who used to mend people's boots while they slept, and then wait in ambush to watch the effect upon her when she awoke.
Those poor lean cobblers, who think they can help to regenerate mankind by setting out to preach in the morning twilight before they begin their day's work, may well have a poor opinion of me.