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COBECosmic Background Explorer
COBECollege of Business and Economics (Boise State University; Idaho)
COBECommittee on Baccalaureate Expansion (University of Wisconsin System)
COBECode of Business Ethics
COBECommand Operating Budget Estimate
COBECommittee on Board Establishment (American Board of Emergency Medicine)
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Over one thousand professional works have now appeared which directly utilize, or build upon, the COBE results [22, p.
Such an anisotropy can be observed by an Earth-bound observer and any observer whose reference frame is connected to the Earth (for instance the observers located on board of the COBE satellite or the WMAP satellite), but the distribution of the earthly origin photons remains spherical being registered by an observer whose location is the reference frame resting with respect to the Metagalaxy as a whole;
Spergel, a member of the WMAP team, says he was "thrilled to hear that the COBE team was recognized.
the transaction satisfies the COI, COBE and business purpose requirements).
Satellite data obtained by COBE strengthen the idea that the Earth does produce the microwave background [24, 25].
COBE was built at Goddard to measure microwave and infrared light from the early universe.
368-2(k) would provide that a transaction otherwise qualifying as a tax-free reorganization will not be disqualified because of a subsequent distribution of the acquired assets or stock, provided that (1) no distributee receives substantially all of the acquired assets; (2) the distributee is a member of the "qualified group," as defined in the COBE regulations; (8) and (3) the COBE regulations are met.
Dave Collins, principal of COBE Development, says the high-growth area provides plenty of opportunity for new businesses.
The ground-bound measurements and those made on board of the COBE satellite, at the altitude 900 km, were processed very near the oceans which aren't point-like sources, so the observations were unable to manifest the change of the field density with altitude.
The COBE mission was amazingly difficult but it worked beautifully, thanks to a brilliant team of scientists and engineers, and it changed cosmology forever," said Mather, who was COBE mission project scientist and now serves as Senior Project Scientist for the James Webb Space Telescope.
Because the acquiring company and the controlled subsidiary are members of the controlling corporation's group, the controlling corporation will be treated as directly holding the acquiring company's businesses and assets; because the acquiring company will continue the acquired corporation's historic business following the merger, the transaction will satisfy the COBE requirement.
But COBE didn't have sufficient resolution to discern the small patches of sky over which the temperature variations were greatest.