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COBOLCommon Business-Oriented Language
COBOLCompletely Obsolete Business-Oriented Language :-)
COBOLCompletely Over and Beyond Obvious Logic :-)
COBOLCompiles Only By Odd Luck :-)
COBOLCompletely Obsolete Burdensome Old Language :-)
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Micro Focus Visual COBOL for Microsoft Visual Studio 2015 reflects this commitment, delivering a significant advantage for today's enterprise application developer as they look to improve their development experience, increase personal productivity, accelerate time to market and future-proof existing COBOL applications.
An open source solution for COBOL workloads allows sites to take advantage of the open systems world without having to pay premium prices for proprietary COBOL compilers.
This provides a continuing job market for COBOL programmers as older programmers retire and new programmers are hired to replace them.
Included in Acucorp's extend are solutions that enable COBOL applications to: interoperate with .
The COBOL language is easy to learn because statements read like English descriptions of what they actually do.
Offering COBOL Miner as a stand-alone product helps our customers leverage their resources to their fullest capabilities and builds on Blueprint's mission to improve software reuse and leverage existing investments," said Ralph Alexander, CEO and President of Blueprint Technologies.
The combination of Microsoft's visual development tools and Fujitsu COBOL opens new deployment options for legacy COBOL applications.
Visual COBOL R3 is the first solution to translate the COBOL language directly to the Java Virtual Machine (JVM), allowing developers to create COBOL applications for the JVM framework and seamlessly integrate with Java.
Many HP3000 users with significant COBOL investments are migrating to IBM eServer products," said Ian Jarman, IBM eServer iSeries product manager.
It's estimated there are several billion lines of UNISYS COBOL code in need of date remediation within the next year and a half," said IAI Chief Technology Officer Kevin Coyne.
By adding the power and flexibility of the Java platform to existing COBOL programs, companies can preserve vital application and data assets while gaining the benefits of new technology options," explained Alfredo Iglesias, vice president, Veryant.
The Fujitsu COBOL Cartridge will extend the wide range of language choices that are supported by Oracle Web Application Server beyond Java, C/C++, PL/SQL, Perl and VRML to include COBOL as well.