COCHACentral Oklahoma Clearing House Association
COCHACouncil of Condominium Homeowners Association (various locations)
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Truncation of checks at the bank of first deposit and the subsequent exchange of check images through the Endpoint National Check Image Exchange greatly increases efficiency, significantly reduces check-handling costs, and allows our member institutions to identify fraudulent checks faster," said Sharon Lewis, Executive Director of COCHA.
The veins outcrop as a series of 5 independent, parallel structures that appear to proceed from the regional Cochas Fault as do the nearby existing workings.
1) 1995, Cesar Munoz and Lluis Fontbote ; "El Yacimiento de Zn-As-(Au) Azulcocha Asociado a a Falla de Desgarre Cochas - Gran Bretana (Peru Central); Sociedad Geologica del Peru"