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COCOMOConstructive Cost Model
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Cost estimation apparatuses for example COCOMO taking in arranged and relapse based models; master information; and composite- Bayesian systems [21 32].
4 as an estimate, which is used on previously cited literature applying COCOMO models to estimate OSS value.
Cost Estimation with COCOMO II, Teaching Material, Center of System and Software Engineering, University of Southern California.
Seminar on Software Cost Estimation: COCOMO, Department of Information Technology, University of Zurich, Switzerland, 1-24 (2002).
COCOMO II is a model to estimate costs and chronograms of development projects that uses the size as entrance in its phase of Initial Design.
El PF se considera un metodo complementario al COCOMO, ya que parte de su implementacion proviene del PF y una mejora del valor del PF se percibe como la mejora general del sistema.
Cost Models for Future Software Life Cycle Processes: COCOMO 2.
In the public domain, alternatively, are well-liked models such as COCOMO (Boehm 1981) and military standard DOD MIL SPEC 881-B (Department of Defense 1993).
In other cases, the expected total number of lines of code in the project or the quality of the product and the characteristics of the development environment can be used to plan the budget (as in the COCOMO model [3]).
Previous study claimed that none of the companies had used COCOMO on their Agile projects [21].
COCOMO II es un modelo que permite estimar el costo, el esfuerzo y el tiempo, cuando se planifica una nueva actividad de desarrollo software, y esta asociado a los ciclos de vida modernos.