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CODASYLConference On Data Systems Languages
CODASYLConference of Data System Languages
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We are happy to announce this new business relationship with Oracle and our new offering for CODASYL DBMS users," said Cailean Sherman, president of Taurus Software.
As a complementary solution to CODASYL DBMS, Warehouse II offers a powerful, but easy-to-use way to do exactly that," said Shirley Ann Stern, Oracle's product manager for CODASYL DBMS.
Nasdaq: ORCL) today announced the release of Oracle CODASYL DBMS V6.
The new version of Oracle CODASYL DBMS (formerly DEC DBMS) brings advanced features, such as multiversion support, enhanced database management utilities and performance improvements, to a stable database product.
developer of CODASYL DBMS, the leading MES database for OpenVMS Alpha platforms; and Avnet Computer, the industry's largest reseller of Digital Equipment systems.
The new AlphaServers support versions of Oracle CODASYL DBMS as well as WorkStream, enabling operation of the new system to follow similar steps already working in fab facilities.