CODATACommittee On Data for Science & Technology
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Where CODATA replaces old measured values by later measurements from the same institute, we have included all values measured in the named period.
In Proceedings of the 7th International CODATA Conference.
In 1974, the International Council of Scientific Unions through its Committee on Data for Science and Technology (CODATA) published CODATA Bulletin 13 titled "The Presentation of Chemical Kinetics Data in the Primary Literature" (24).
We shall use measurement data and constants from CODATA 2014 or the Particle Data Group 2014 except where mentioned.
The ellipses indicate additional digits to be added when the New SI is adopted and are expected to be provided by CODATA.
The CODATA conferences, which draw a global audience of scientists, have a distinguished record of promoting the use of scientific data and knowledge and harnessing its benefits.
Their report was adopted last summer by the Committee on Data for Science and Technology (CODATA) of the International Council of Scientific Unions, and the final numbers appear in CODATA "Bulletin 63,' recently published by Pergamon Press, Inc.
This led the CODATA to widen the uncertainty range from 0.
Taylor, CODATA recommended values of the fundamental physical constants: 1998 Reviews of Modern Physics 72, 351-495 (2000), (current version available at http://physics.
The data-transfer approaches associated with this data capture and storage effort are being coordinated with CODATA, which has been developing (a) a markup language called the Gas Hydrate Markup Language (GHML) [13-16] for communicating gas hydrate data throughout the research community and (b) an international hydrate portal technology for centralized access to a number of database efforts.
ERPANET and CODATA are sponsoring the International Archiving Workshop on the Selection, Appraisal, and Retention of Scientific Data.
On the two decimals rounded energy of the two-sided distribution can be calculated with the help of equations (6) and (9) knowing the CODATA value of the energy equivalent of the mass of the electron [E.