CODATACommittee On Data for Science & Technology
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CODATA Taskgroup on Data for Chemical Kinetics, International Council of Scientific Unions, Committee on Data for Science and Technology (CODATA).
11) for additional details) include (i) the extent to which the choice reduces the uncertainties of practical measurements; (ii) the ease of realizing with the requisite uncertainty the units defined by the reference constants; and (iii) the impact of the choice on our knowledge of the values of the fundamental constants and on the periodic adjustment of their values by CODATA.
Taylor, CODATA recommended values of the fundamental physical constants: 1998 Reviews of Modern Physics 72, 351-495 (2000), (current version available at http://physics.
The recommended CODATA 20 2 value of the inverse fine structure constant is smaller than the theoretical value in the Euclidean plane:
The data-transfer approaches associated with this data capture and storage effort are being coordinated with CODATA, which has been developing (a) a markup language called the Gas Hydrate Markup Language (GHML) [13-16] for communicating gas hydrate data throughout the research community and (b) an international hydrate portal technology for centralized access to a number of database efforts.
Figure 19 illustrates how this NIST evaluation fits in with respect to other laboratory evaluations of previous years, including the CODATA assignment of 1986.
035 999 074(44), which is the latest CODATA value [9] from 2010.
The numbers published in the tables were obtained from the 1998 CODATA least-squares adjustment of their values carried out in the Fundamental Constants Data Center at NIST in 1999.
According to CODATA currently accepted value of alpha ([[alpha].
Two new publications that give selected subsets of the CODATA 1998 recommended values of the most recent fundamental physical constants are now available.
Despite this emerging insight CODATA * in 2005 [20] reduced the apparent uncertainties in [G.
Taylor, manager of the NIST Physics Laboratory Fundamental Constants Data Center, received the CODATA Prize 2000 at the 17th biennial International CODATA Conference held in October 2000 in Baveno, Italy.