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CODECCompression/Decompression Module (usually applied to audio data)
CODECInternational Conference on Computers and Devices for Communication (University of Calcutta; India)
CODECConsortium for Distance Education from CALI (Center for Computer-Assisted Legal Instruction)
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Hantro is notable in that they have approached MPEG-4 codec development from a mobile background" says Omid Tahernia, vice president and director, Wireless and Mobile Systems Group, Motorola Semiconductor Products Sector.
In contrast, Nancy Codec is a software solution that does not require a high-speed CPU or dedicated processing chips and that can be integrated into a small-sized hardware package.
By eliminating the need for a DSP chip, SoftRISC's codec solutions provide Paragon with more flexibility and performance capabilities using a significantly smaller footprint and reduced power.
Elecard Solutions to Be Powered By MainConcept Codecs
The codec also features enhanced master clock support, which includes standard audio frequencies, as well as USB and video clocks.
Chipidea's audio family has two unique offerings: High-end, full-featured audio codec IP and optimized cost-performance audio codec IP.
Winbond's W681360 single-channel voice CODEC is a 13-bit linear analog-to-digital and digital-to-analog converter.
We have worked with the team for several months and firmly believe that our new collaboration will provide our codec platforms with a major leap forward in the area of advanced video analytics capabilities.
The IDT Windows Vista audio codec software driver is currently sampling to IDT OEM customers.
AACHEN, Germany -- MainConcept, a worldwide leader of codec technology, announced today the availability and shipment of its first DSP hardware product for IBC 2006 in Amsterdam.
In addition, based on Oki's eSound(TM) and eVideo(TM)(2) technologies, OKI ACCESS Technologies developed its high quality voice and video codecs, the "NetFront Video Codec Modules/NetFront Audio Codec Modules," and its voice and video media player "NetFront Media Player.