CODELCongressional Delegation
CODELCoalition for Democracy in Liberia
CODELCombustion Developments Ltd
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40) The WikiLeaks cables document a practice of local embassies "granting" country clearance (41) and thus seemingly possessing authority to decide whether a CODEL can visit, but legislators and State Department officials understand this practice as a formality rather than a reflection of constitutional prerogative.
I began to feel the issues at CODEL, which over forty years supported one thousand small-scale projects--organic farming, women's literacy, micro-enterprise, and organic forestry through funds from Lutheran World Relief (LWR), United Church Board for World Ministries, Maryknoll Sisters, and Heifer Project Intl.
By using the prestige of their position as elected federal officials, CODEL members may be able to acquire information that embassy staff cannot.
For example, during a congressional delegation's (CODEL) visit, I advised my colleagues the CODEL wanted information on specific issues.
Veteran local employee Gai Stier staffs the Jerusalem-based control room of a CODEL, waiting for word that another successful visit has concluded.
I was briefed by members of the CODEL that came back, that said that it appeared to them that our troops have high respect for our commanders in Baghdad, as do I.
It's the third CODEL the mission has hosted this month.
CODEL visits average one a week; media interviews likely focus on controversial issues such as the national government's possible reconciliation with the Taliban; the FSO jumps into an armored vehicle to visit the local clinic; and the civilian development expert wears a military flak jacket to the remote school.
The author's research, analyses, investigations and privileged conversations with American officials who enjoyed high security clearances, and interactions with US Congressional delegations - CODELs, vastly enriched his understanding the manner in which Washington managed and conducted its overseas foreign policy agenda in South Asia.
ConGen Milan's workload increased exponentially in the run-up to and throughout Expo, but a stream of TDY employees and interns helped to oversee visits from more than 600 experts and world dignitaries, including Secretary Kerry, Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack, NASA Administrator Charles Bolden, numerous CODELs and first lady Michelle Obama.
Two congressional delegations, known as CODELs, were already planning visits.