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CODENColegio de Defensa Nacional (Spanish: National Defense College, Cuba)
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Each entry includes the abbreviated title, CODEN, ISSN, publisher's address, the date of the first issue covered by INSPEC, and (where appropriate) any change in title.
These useful Limiters further refine a search by specifying: Dewey Class, LC CIass, NLM Class, UDC, CODEN, and by Y/N toggles on Index/Abstracting Service, Covered by I/A Service, Local Titles, Advertising Accepted, Book Reviews, Ceased Serials, Peer Reviewed, Index or Cumulative Index Available.
It provides easy searching by author, title, and subject and by more specialized elements, like CODEN and ISBN and ISSN numbers.
While it is arguable that subject, author, and title indexing of these fields in the bibliographic citation is important, it is probably also true that linking the CODEN field to a full text is going a bit too far.