COFADEHComite de Familiares Detenidos-Desaparecidos de Honduras (Spanish: Committee of Families of Disappeared Detainees of Honduras)
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Five years after the COFADEH report, and coinciding with many of the points it made, Office of the Inspector General at the US Department of Justice (DOJ OIG) and the State Department Office of the Inspector General (State OIG) issued a joint report on three events, all described as "Deadly Force Incidents," that occurred within a three-month period in Honduras, on May 11, June 23, and July 3, 2012.
COFADEH estimates place the number of slain lawyers at 75, followed by journalists (30), and teachers (27).
To counter this, COFADEH, with international support, has set up a camp in the area, so far with three human rights advocates--an Italian and two Germans--to accompany the local rural communities, to report human rights abuses, "and to have them [the landowners] think twice before hurting anyone in the struggle for land," said Oliva.
The human rights activist told NotiCen that COFADEH has made a proposal for an international commission with enough power to intervene in entities such as the Ministerio Publico, the Secretaria de Seguridad, and the police.
So, with the two cases, opportunities open up for us to bring them to international tribunals, because there's no possibility for justice to be implemented here as it should be," Oliva said, adding that COFADEH is giving thought to such action, with the aim of bringing both cases before the same court, "putting them in international discussion.