COFADEHComite de Familiares Detenidos-Desaparecidos de Honduras (Spanish: Committee of Families of Disappeared Detainees of Honduras)
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COFADEH estimates place the number of slain lawyers at 75, followed by journalists (30), and teachers (27).
Lobo has not vetoed nor proposed legislation, acting "in favor of human rights, but also not allowing things such as those I'm telling you about," the COFADEH leader pointed out.
These three omissions are strong, because they're essential for making recommendations that are not lightweight but that reach the bottom [of the situation], which are real," said the head of COFADEH.
COFADEH is now estimating the figure for the second half of last year, and the number will certainly rise, according to the group.
Honduran human rights activist and COFADEH president Bertha Oliva told NotiCen she is certain the violent trend will continue escalating this year.