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CofCCollege of Charleston
COFCChamber of Commerce
CofCChurch of Christ
COFCCertificate of Conformance
COFCCourt of Federal Claims
COFCChampion of Champions (philatelic competition for national winners)
COFCcontainer on flatcar (US DoD)
COFCConsumption of Fixed Capital
CofCCouncil of Colonels
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2011) (affirming COFC decision finding GAO decision to be irrational where the GAO did not apply the proper deference to the KO's OCI determination).
This, in effect, is what GAO's bid protest process represents relative to the COFC.
United States, the Government argued that the claim as presented to the COFC was not the same claim that the appellant submitted to the contracting officer.
186) As the COFC has recently stated, "[w]here sufficient evidence of allowability, allocability and reasonableness of costs are found, however, the court must sustain those [subcontractor] costs as incurred.
Premier CofC members realize the value of Premier's industry-leading contract portfolio, including foodservice, medical-surgical, capital equipment, housekeeping, lab, imaging and facilities agreements.
United States, (34) in which the COFC had stated that,
8) The COFC granted summary judgment for the government on the issue of termination settlement costs, holding that once the government had met its obligation to purchase the guaranteed minimum quantity under the ID/IQ contract, it had no further obligation to pay contractor settlement costs.
CAFC and COFC Consider Jurisdiction Applying "NAFI Doctrine"-Reaching Different Results
in 3 years of the 5-year period" became the key issue in this GAO opinion and the later COFC case.