COFCOCereals, Oils and Foodstuffs Corporation
COFCOChina Oil and Food Corporation (est. 1952; Beijing, China)
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As agents for food and beverage producers, its main selection include Italian EVA Drinking Water, Cyprian ENA Fruit Juice, COFCO Tunhe Fruit Juice, Chinese Tea Drinks as well as its own brands.
COFCO is a state-owned enterprise headquartered in Beijing.
The acquisition represents another injection of quality assets from the parent company, COFCO Corporation, following its injection of nine commercial property projects (including six Joy City complexes) into the Company in November 2014.
COFCO is China's largest state-run grain trader and has financing partnerships with the China Development Bank and the Agricultural Bank of China.
Unilever was represented by Cushman's Curtis Foster and COFCO was represented by CBRE's Dorothy Chuang.
He said that in 2012 Pakistan exported rice worth USD 268 million to China, out of that COFCO imported 70 per cent of total import, all IRRI-6 variety.
The COFCO recently ordered 100 metric tons of rice from Union Rice Co.
Mengniu said that it will purchase white sugar, oil, other raw materials and other related products from COFCO from 20 January 2010 to 19 January 2012.
or COFCO, will combine their bargaining power to procure foodstuffs such as grains and dairy products from around the world on advantageous terms, the sources said.
COFCO Coca-Cola Beverages, one of the biggest Coca-Cola bottlers in China, acquired a 21 percent stake, while the Hong Kong-based Swire Beverages has taken a 41 percent stake, leaving Coca-Cola with a 38 percent shareholding.
The HGCA wheat seminar, held at the invitation of COFCO, the Chinese state trading organisation, brought together more than 70 potential customers and UK specialists on breeding, milling, baking and trading.
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