COFEPRISComisión Federal para la Protección contra Riesgos Sanitarios (Spanish: Federal Commission for Protection against Health Risks; Mexico)
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Milenio noted that, in July of last year, COFEPRIS issued alerts regarding "six of Cartes' brands" (Ibiza, Laredo, San Marino, San Marino Rojo, San Marino Verde and Palermo).
According to COFEPRIS, until the year 2007, actions had been implemented in 13 federal entities of Mexico [11]; nonetheless, the finding of lead in the majority of purchased clay pots in this study shows that lead-free techniques are not being followed, at least in the states where the sampled containers came from.
In terms of next steps, we plan to submit the additional documentations for our seasonal flu vaccine Anflu, required by COFEPRIS in order to complete the registration process.
COFEPRIS (the Federal Commission for Protection Against Sanitary Risks), the Mexican Health Authority's regulatory arm overseeing medical devices, recently implemented an equivalence agreement allowing products already cleared and commercialized for sale by the U.
Before granting marketing authorisations to third parties other than the title holder, COFEPRIS must also check the listed patents, first by compound and then by the list of patented products issued by IMPI in the Linkage Gazette, which is organised according to the active ingredient's generic name.
En el caso de guanabana, en Mexico no se tienen plaguicidas registrados en CICOPLAFEST (Comision Intersecretarial para el Control de Plaguicidas, Fertilizantes y Sustancias Toxicas) y COFEPRIS (Comision Federal para la Proteccion Contra Riesgos Sanitarios).
Medical devices on health registers and sold in these countries will be evaluated and authorised by COFEPRIS within 30 days from the date that importers give information to the Mexican health authority.
Access to information can be requested through a centralized system (Infomex[R]) and the response is overseen by the COFEPRIS Information Committee (21).
LuViva has marketing approval from Health Canada, COFEPRIS in Mexico, Ministry of Health in Kenya and the Singapore Health Sciences Authority.
In the first several months of this year, investments of US$600 million were reported, mostly as a result of the confidence that companies have that Mexico would be part of the agreement," said Mikel Arriola, head of COFEPRIS.
COFEPRIS approved thirty-two innovative drugs to address 60% of the causes of death in the country and has been recognised for regulatory support of Mexican vaccines.
This approval was awarded by Mexico's national regulatory authority, COFEPRIS.