COFESConference on the Future of Engineering Software
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Given Geomagic's mission to benefit humanity through the use of 3D technology, the company is proud to align with events, like COFES, that drive both the evolution of technology and the paradigms through which the industry views it.
Sponsored by Geomagic, COFES 2013's keynote address will feature Alexander Rose, the Executive Director at The Long Now Foundation.
In addition to a full roster of events, COFES 2013 will feature the Design and Sustainability (DaS) Symposium, a unique subset of the overall congress that specifically explores design and sustainability software.
The 'Innovate Button' is a great creative device, one that I want to carry over to discussions at COFES around CAD interoperability," said Bean.
Kubotek USA will participate in COFES as an event sponsor.
COFES2003 is being planned now for early in 2003 with plans for access to discussions, topics and issues being consolidated into the COFES web site over the coming months.
COFES is designed to foster and leverage opportunities for private meetings, interviews and discussions, held under both formal appointments and through opportunistic introductions, alongside the discussions and debates.
I think this is due in part to how hard the COFES team works to bring the right people together and in part to the attention to detail that characterizes the event.
I attended COFES for the first time last year, and because of the many valuable relationships I made, am returning again this May.
The key value of COFES is the opportunity to speak directly with some of the main people shaping the CAD industry, ranging from the founders of the industry to the bright young people pitching the potential breakthroughs of tomorrow.
COFES 2000 was designed by Brad Holtz, Evan Yares, and Joel Orr as an event with the best features of the most successful conferences they have attended, and none of the bad features.
NYSE:MNS), the leading global provider of simulation software, services and systems, today announced that chairman and chief executive officer Frank Perna was recognized by The CAD Society with the 2002 Leadership Award, which was presented at COFES 2002.