COFETELComisión Federal de Telecomunicaciones (México)
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The COFETEL certification is required for mobile point-of-sale devices to transmit secure data within Mexico and comes as acknowledgement that GuestLogix is now able to serve all Mexican airlines and travel operators with its full end-to-end solution, effective immediately.
A draft proposal of the plan indicates that COFETEL might auction off frequencies for two networks that would cover 153 communities.
But another COFETEL commissioner, Gonzalo Martinez Pous, said the timetable proposed by de Swaan was a little overoptimistic because there is not even a plan in place to handle concessions.
Calderón's decision to nominate de Swaan to the five-member COFETEL, replacing former commission president Héctor Osuna who resigned abruptly and left the regulatory body at the end of June, was controversial.
In testimony before Congress, COFETEL director Hector Osuna Jaime said his agency had filed a complaint with the court that granted the injunction, saying that the tribunal had overstepped its authority.
In its application to COFETEL in November 2005, the CFE proposed to use a portion of its electric network to connect 27 locations around the country during its first year of operation.
Some COFETEL officials contend the 450% growth in the value of the Mexican telecommunications market in the past five years creates the need for greater regulation and increased participation from foreign companies in the sector.
TELMEX had appealed the COFETEL ruling, saying its interconnection fee of US$0.
COFETEL invested in the Ultimus BPM Suite to automate all of its core business processes to address the supervision, validation, regulation and services provided to the telecommunications industry.
COFETEL director Jorge Nicolin said his agency is watching the TELMEX negotiations with competitors, but cannot have any input at this stage.
A company statement said the COFETEL regulation could have a negative effect on consumers.
This resolution will favor healthy competition among the different providers of telecommunications services," COFETEL said in a statement.